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  • When you make a purchase, you will be able to email invitations to those who are participating in the assessment

  • Invitees may complete the questionnaire in English, French, Spanish or Arabic

  • The invitee can take the questionnaire once per invitation

  • On completing the questionnaire, each assessment will be available to download

  • The regular price for each assessment is $85 USD (VAT included if applicable)

  • If you purchase 10 or more assessments, receive a 10% discount

  • If you purchase 50 or more assessments, receive a 20% discount 

  • To buy a single assessment, go to the professionals' page.

  • To make the purchase, contact us by emailing, or use the form below


The assessment will help your organisation with:

  • better recruitment decisions by providing information about candidates’ competencies to use as the foundation for competency-based interviews;

  • benchmarking the competencies and skills of staff with managerial and leadership responsibilities;

  • identifying which employees are suitable for promotion to the next level and which individuals need further development;

  • developing learning programmes to increase management and leadership skills and thereby improve performance.


The personal feedback report provides three scorecards that profile technical, management and leadership competencies. They indicate where employees are competent, where they are strong, and where they need to develop further.

In addition to the assessment, free supporting resources are available below.


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