Video Introduction

Leadership Questionnaire


The online leadership questionnaire measures technical, management and leadership competencies covering six key areas of health supply chain work set out in the People that Deliver (PtD) Health Supply Chain Competency Framework for Managers and Leaders.

The questionnaire is presented on-screen and consists of short competency statements that you are asked to rate your abilities on using a 7-point competence scale ranging from 'Very Basic' to 'Outstanding'. There are 234 competency items covering 20 technical competencies and 25 management leadership competencies. The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete.

The assessment can be taken in either English, French, Spanish or Arabic.

For supply chain professionals, the assessment will help you:

  • compare your technical, management and leadership strengths and weaknesses against a benchmark group of managers working in the health supply chain;

  • increase your awareness of how your competencies and skills impact on your performance;

  • identify skills you need to work on to develop your strengths and address any areas of limitation.

The assessment will help organisations:

  • make better recruitment decisions by providing information about candidates’ competencies to use as the foundation for competency-based interviews;

  • benchmark the competencies and skills of staff with managerial and leadership responsibilities;

  • identify which employees are suitable for promotion to the next level and which individuals need further development;

  • develop learning programmes to increase management and leadership skills and thereby improve performance.


The personal feedback report provides three scorecards that profile your technical, management and leadership competencies. They indicate where you are competent, where you are strong, and where you need to develop.

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